Can Chiropractic Care Help with Diabetes?

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Over 10% of all Americans have diabetes and a staggering 1 in 3 Americans have prediabetes. As the seventh leading cause of death in our country, diabetes is a problem that we need to get a better handle on, and for most people, it is all about lifestyle habits. While some people are diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes where the pancreas produces little to no insulin, often as children, the majority of those with diabetes have Type 2, which is linked to diet and activity levels. In Type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance or poor insulin production occurs most frequently because of an overload of glucose in the diet. While there isn’t a specific cure for either type of diabetes, those with Type 2 can improve their symptoms and sometimes even reverse their diagnosis with lifestyle changes and proactive health measures. 

Chiropractic Care for Diabetes Management and Prevention

The majority of the diabetes-related issues within the body lie in the pancreas, a gland located behind the stomach that is responsible for insulin production. Whether your body doesn’t produce enough insulin, doesn’t produce any, or doesn’t respond appropriately to insulin, the root cause is typically linked to the pancreas. 

When the spine is misaligned, nerves can have unnecessary pressure on them that causes interruptions in the central nervous system communication. A misalignment of vertebrae near the pancreas can wreak havoc on its proper function, leading to diabetes-related insulin problems. A chiropractor in Bozeman, MT can gently and precisely adjust your spine to improve the function of the pancreas, therefore reducing diabetes symptoms and helping the body work more optimally. 

In addition to correcting problems with the pancreas itself, chiropractic care is a proactive health measure that can greatly improve overall function and wellness. If you’re taking the necessary steps to improve your diabetes with diet changes, exercise routines, and healthier lifestyle habits, you want all your effort to go as far as possible, and chiropractic care will help it do just that. Regular chiropractic adjustments help your body work better in every way, from healing from illnesses to recovering from injuries to positively impacting typical bodily systems, such as digestion, reproduction, and immune health. 

Diabetes Research Proves Effectiveness of Chiropractic Care

Oftentimes, diabetics experience musculoskeletal issues that stem from their diabetes, so beginning chiropractic care can improve not only diabetic symptoms, but also the discomfort in their muscles and joints, bringing about a complete improvement in function, wellness, and health. Countless studies have been done to explore alternative means of treatment for those with diabetes, allowing individuals to minimize their need for medication and its unwanted side effects. In two separate studies, a child and a 46-year-old woman, both with insulin-dependent Type 1 diabetes, saw substantial improvements in diabetes symptoms after beginning chiropractic care. 

To learn more about neurologically-based chiropractic care and how it can bring about vast improvements to your diabetes symptoms and overall health, contact Dr. Cary Gentry and his team at Waypoint Chiropractic in Bozeman, MT. 


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