Chiropractic Care for Maintaining Digestive Health

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Everybody has experienced some digestive problems, whether it’s a mild stomach ache or a more serious condition like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). In fact, digestive health issues are becoming more common over time. This may be due to the sedentary lifestyle most of us live, in addition to our poor dietary habits. But whatever the cause, poor digestive health can be a significant problem and impact your ability to live your life as normal. If you’re seeking relief from pain and other symptoms related to digestion, you may be surprised to learn that a Bozeman chiropractor can help.

How Digestion Impacts Health

Digestion refers to the process of food moving through our bodies. It includes things like the adsorption of nutrients and vitamins into our bodies and the discarding of harmful toxins along the way. If these processes aren’t happening as they should be, you may notice a feeling of fatigue or feel like you aren’t yourself. This can be the first sign of digestive trouble, even before things like pain, gas, bloating, or changes to your bowel movements.

Some health conditions can be the cause of these symptoms, including IBS, diverticulitis, or Crohn’s disease, which can all cause a number of issues in the body. Without proper digestion, living a healthy lifestyle is difficult, and performing daily activities can be challenging.

Promoting Proper Digestion

Whether you are suffering from pain and other symptoms of digestive distress or simply want to prevent future issues, visiting Dr. Cary Gentry at Waypoint Chiropractic can be the solution you are looking for. Because the digestive system is intertwined with the central nervous system, any misalignments in the spine have the potential to impact the communication that allows for proper digestion. Something as simple a vertebra that is twisted, turned, or out of place could be the root cause of poor digestion.

By performing a series of adjustments, a Bozeman chiropractor is able to bring the spine back into alignment, restoring nerve communication and allowing the body to function at the highest possible level of health. It is not uncommon for people to experience immediate relief after an adjustment for this reason, though it can also take sustained care to experience a full elimination of symptoms.

Relief Through Spinal Alignment                                                          

In one case study, a six-year-old girl with chronic constipation was able to completely resolve her digestive concerns, as well as some neck pain, after just 13 visits to a chiropractor. Another study of 17 people with Crohn’s Disease showed that 12 participants went into remission as a result of chiropractic care. These are just two examples of the wide range of studies demonstrating the positive impact of spinal alignment on digestive health.

In addition to the improvement in nerve communication, Dr. Cary Gentry is also able to discuss lifestyle changes with practice members that can help them avoid future problems with digestion. Certain forms of exercise and dietary changes can help prevent a future need for intervention. To begin working on better gut health, contact Waypoint Chiropractic today to schedule your first visit.



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