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One of the most common childhood ailments is ear infections. Between 20% and 30% of young children experience ear infections, which can be chronic, painful, and frustrating for parents and children alike. While most ear infections tend to resolve themselves if left untreated, they can be quite uncomfortable and can even bring about additional problems, such as balance issues, trouble sleeping, short-term hearing problems, and more. Although antibiotics are a common treatment prescribed for ear infections, they come with their share of risks and side effects, and they aren’t always effective. Instead, those dealing with bothersome ear infections should turn to natural, effective, and safe chiropractic care in Bozeman, Montana. 

Why Do Kids Get Ear Infections?

Most ear infections, particularly those in kids, are linked to buildup in the Eustachian tubes. These important tubes run from the inner ear to the back of the nasal cavity and upper throat. They control the pressure inside the ear and are key to draining fluid from the ears. Some illnesses, such as colds, the flu, or allergies, can lead to swollen and inflamed Eustachian tubes, which can easily become blocked. When the tubes are blocked, the buildup of fluid can become infected, thus causing an ear infection. 

Kids commonly get colds and viruses, often more than adults, simply due to less than ideal hygiene and their close proximity to others on a daily basis. However, they also have smaller Eustachian tubes than adults, meaning a tiny bit of swelling or inflammation can have a big impact on the drainage of their middle ears. Additionally, the Eustachian tubes of kids are fairly horizontal, whereas the tubes of adults are more slanted, allowing for better draining. 

How Can Chiropractic Help with Ear Infections?

When left untreated, about 80% of ear infections will go away on their own, but most people don’t want to wait for that to happen—and understandably so! Particularly if your child has a severe ear infection, it can be difficult to watch them pull on their ears, struggle to hear or chew, or just deal with the pain for a few days. While antibiotics can be effective for bacterial ear infections, many are viral, meaning that antibiotics will have little to no effect on them. At the same time, however, antibiotics can cause other challenges and many parents hope to avoid using them for their children if at all possible. 

Thankfully, chiropractic care is a natural way to improve the health of the entire body, including eradicating those pesky ear infections. Because the Eustachian tube is closely connected to the upper spine, a misalignment in the neck can wreak havoc on ear health and can bring about recurring and painful ear infections. When Bozeman chiropractor Dr. Cary Gentry adjusts someone with an ear infection, proper communication is restored between the brain and the rest of the body, allowing the fluid buildup to drain, pressure to be released, and pain to be reduced. Regular chiropractic care can relieve chronic ear infections as well as less frequent, minor ones, in addition to improving the health of the entire body and the function of all the body’s systems. 

To learn more about chiropractic care, how it can help with ear infections, and how it can improve the health and wellness of your entire family, get in contact with Dr. Cary Gentry and his team at Waypoint Chiropractic today. 


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