Healthy Children Make Healthy Adults

Chiropractic Care for Headaches

Any decent parent will tell you that they want their children to be happy and healthy when they grow up. If a parent truly loves their child, they will do everything possible to help them grow up well and achieve their full potential. When it comes to setting a kid up for success, every parent has more or less heard the same advice: make sure they eat their vegetables, remind them to brush and floss two times a day, and regulate screen time. However, we feel that regular chiropractic care should also be a cornerstone of continuous health here at Waypoint Chiropractic.

How Is It Helpful?

Your child will more than likely benefit from even one chiropractic adjustment, as chiropractic has been proven to help kids relax, feel better, and function better. Misalignments of the spine and neck in children can cause ear infections, allergies, asthma, digestive problems, behavioral difficulties, sleep troubles, and much more, all of which can lead to complications that last into adulthood.

There's also the reality that today's kids are extremely technologically aware. Even in young bodies, craning the neck to use electronic devices such as tablets or phones for lengthy periods of time can induce pain and stiffness. Healthy spinal alignment and good posture are good habits to start early in life and maintain throughout one’s later years.

Mind, Body, and Beyond

The brains of children continue to develop until they are around the age of twenty. They send out signals through the nervous system as they grow, telling the body how to move muscles, create hormones, and so on. The spinal cord, which is located in—you guessed it—the spine, handles all of these communications. Frequent chiropractic adjustments can assist in keeping these essential communication channels open, enabling the brain to develop normally and perform activities and tasks to its full potential. You should expect enhanced focus, healthy growth, productive learning, and other benefits when your child’s circulatory and neural systems are functioning properly.

Is it Safe?

In a nutshell, yes! Chiropractic care is a safe and natural way to address your child’s growing bones and body, supporting and fostering proper development and optimal healing throughout childhood and into adulthood. When administered by a qualified practitioner such as Dr. Cary Gentry, chiropractic adjustments are extremely gentle, incredibly safe, and exceedingly beneficial, regardless of a person’s age. Chiropractic therapy is also safe for infants, and it can be utilized to aid in the healing of even the tiniest of bodies.

Healthy Habits

Beyond preventing the onset of childhood illnesses that may have long-term consequences, getting your children used to being under chiropractic care and receiving adjustments can help them build healthy habits that will last into adulthood. The more a child sees a parent or guardian engaging in positive behaviors, the more likely they are to want to replicate them. This could include regular trips to the chiropractor, which can assist your child in developing long-term health and wellness routines.

If your child sees a chiropractor frequently as a young child, he or she is more likely to appreciate the positive impact and many benefits, both now and well into adulthood. Contact our Bozeman office today if you’re ready to get your child started on the road to genuine wellness.



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