Improving the Immune System Naturally with Chiropractic Care

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Everyone longs to be healthy and happy and to live a full life. If you struggle with getting sick constantly or have severe illnesses on a recurring basis, it can be difficult to enjoy life and feel like you’re thriving. While there are a number of lifestyle changes you can make to improve your immune health and help you be healthier, one great way to enhance the function of your immune system is through chiropractic care. Dr. Car Gentry is a Bozeman chiropractor who understands the power of chiropractic for improving overall health and wellness in all his practice members.

Immune Health and the Central Nervous System 

The job of the immune system is to fight off germs, bacteria, viruses, and more in order to protect your body from harm. When it’s not working effectively, the body will get sick more frequently and the sicknesses will likely be more severe and long-lasting. The immune system is controlled by the central nervous system, which is responsible for all of the functions of the body. The central nervous system includes the brain and spinal cord, making the health of the nervous system vital to the health of the entire body.

The primary way to keep the central nervous system healthy is through chiropractic care. Bozeman chiropractor Dr. Gentry practices neurologically-based care, which focused on the overall neurological function of individuals. He looks at the health of the whole body based on the health of the spine, rather than assuming individual issues are self-contained and unrelated to the rest of the body’s health. 

The Role of Chiropractic Care in Immune System Function

The brain has to send messages to the rest of the body to initiate processes and control responses. The pathways on which those messages travel are the nerves that are housed by the spine. When the spine has any sort of misalignment, those nerves are impacted and so are the messages traveling along them. The spinal column is made up of vertebrae and spinal discs, and any number of things can bring about a shift of a vertebra. Twisting, turning, or sliding to one side or another, even the tiniest big, can have a huge impact on the function of the central nervous system, and therefore the immune system. 

Not only can chiropractic adjustments help improve the overall health and function of your immune system, but they can also help you start feeling better faster when you do get sick. Chiropractic care increases antibody levels and decreases pro-inflammatory indicators in the body, speeding up healing and improving the body’s efficiency in getting healthier on its own. 

Bozeman Chiropractic Care for Immune Health

Dr. Cary Gentry and his team at Waypoint Chiropractic are available to serve you and your family with natural and effective chiropractic care for improved immune health. Chiropractic is extremely safe for all members of the family, from the seniors living out their golden years to the tiniest newborn who has just made his or her debut. You can schedule a consultation today and Dr. Gentry and his team will not only educate you on the science behind chiropractic, but they will also help you discover new levels of health and wellness so you can live your healthiest and best life now.  


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