Numbness, Tingling, and Relief

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Most of us are familiar with the sensation widely referred to as “pins and needles.” It’s that unpleasant, numb, tingly feeling that you get when you hit your elbow, sit in an awkward position for a little too long, or even just sleep wrong. It's all perfectly normal, and chances are, you’ll shake it off within a few minutes.

But what if you don’t?

Chronic numbness and tingling are very common issues, albeit frightening ones. Who wouldn’t be scared if they woke up and couldn’t feel a part of their body that they’ve been able to feel every day up to that point? What do you do then? Well, don’t fret because we’re going to discuss the most common causes of chronic numbness and tingling, as well as how we at Waypoint Chiropractic may be able to help.

Why Does Numbness and Tingling Happen?

There are many serious reasons why you may be experiencing a chronic case of pins and needles. These reasons can range from migraines, diabetes, seizures, or even an oncoming stroke. However, if you’ve ruled out all of these more serious causes, then there’s a fair chance you just have a pinched nerve. Misalignments can often leave a nerve or two pinched between your joints or trapped under bones, thus causing that familiar tingling sensation. If you’re experiencing lower back pain in addition to leg numbness, you may have sciatica, which is when an injury or misalignment in the lower spine pinches the sciatic nerve.

Do Holistic Methods Work?

Yes, holistic methods do work! You don’t need to immediately go running to a hospital or your primary care doctor for a pinched nerve. Holistic methods such as the ones that our very own Dr. Cary Gentry swears by have tremendous merit—and it’s been documented! Several studies have explored those with numbness and tingling, which is medically known as hemiparesthesia

A well-trained chiropractor can even more accurately target these feelings and eliminate them at the source through precise adjustment of the joints. Dr. Cary Gentry may use a combination of chiropractic techniques to reposition your bones and remove those pins and needles feelings, including the Torque Release Technique and the Webster Technique. These techniques have been shown time and time again to relieve this exact type of nervous system discomfort in others, and it can work for you too!

Are you or a loved one experiencing a persistent numb, tingling, “pins and needles” feeling? If you happen to be in the city of Bozeman or anywhere in Montana’s own Gallatin County, consider becoming a practice member at Waypoint Chiropractic, the only chiropractic center in the state with a practitioner certified in Torque Release Technique! Our highly-trained specialists are here to help you feel like yourself again!




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