True Correction vs. Temporary Relief

Chiropractic Care for Headaches

When you experience discomfort or pain, your primary goal becomes to feel better. You may stretch, take a bath, take pain medication, or something similar to try to relieve the discomfort and get back to feeling good. If you’ve been around the Waypoint blog for any length of time, you know that an absence of pain doesn’t necessarily mean that your body is functioning well, so simply alleviating pain shouldn’t be your main or only goal. Of course, we want you to feel good and experience quick relief, but more than that, Dr. Cary Gentry and his team want you to experience true correction. 

Long-Term Solutions Rather than Short-Term Fixes

Chiropractic care can absolutely provide temporary and almost immediate relief in some cases. Many people come into our office with headaches, back pain, or pregnancy discomfort, and a chiropractic adjustment can completely eliminate that pain in minutes. Although chiropractic care for temporary relief is better than taking a medication that covers it up and causes side effects, short-term fixes are not the priority. We want to get to the root cause of whatever is causing your pain or discomfort, and we want to treat those things right from the source for lasting relief and optimal function of your body and its systems.

Think about it this way—if you have a headache, you can use a cold compress, get a scalp massage, or take a pain pill. That will cover up the pain and give you temporary relief. But if the cause of that headache is a spinal misalignment, as soon as the medicine wears off and the cold compress warms up, the headache will be back. If your spine is misaligned and that’s putting pressure on the nerves that cause head pain, fixing the misalignment will not only alleviate your pain in the moment, but it will also remove the root cause of the pain, leading to fewer headaches in the future. 

True Correction Leads to Optimal Health

The great thing about this is that it goes much farther than just headaches. Chiropractic care can bring about true correction for a number of different issues, from digestive problems to back pain and from carpal tunnel to high blood pressure. It can help improve multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, neuralgia of any kind, and so much more. Chiropractic aims to heal your body from the inside out, starting with optimizing the health of your central nervous system. When this system is running on all cylinders, your body is able to function better in every way, leading to less pain, less discomfort, and more true health. 

At Waypoint Chiropractic in Bozeman, we don’t believe in a “sick care” system that only treats the problem once you feel sick or injured. Instead, we believe in a proactive approach that aims to optimize your body’s complete health and wellness, reducing pain, sickness, and disease. As part of that healthcare approach, we also believe in seeking out the true cause of any issues and stopping them at their source to provide not only quick relief of pain, but also long-term true correction. 

To learn more about true correction versus temporary relief and how chiropractic can benefit you, contact Bozeman chiropractor Dr. Cary Gentry at Waypoint Chiropractic.


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